Substance Abuse

Stigma and discrimination are widespread even at service delivery level; it makes people in general, drug users and people living with mental illness and HIV in particular find it difficult to ask for help or access health and preventive social services.

Using innovative methods to treat an age-old problem: From alcohol to heroin, the number of substances abused in India is on the rise. Bordered by two of the world’s largest heroin suppliers and being the world’s largest illicit opiate producer, India is vulnerable to addictive disease. This is compounded by urbanization, widespread poverty, and globalization. Nada India Foundation uses barrier free, innovative methods to treat this age-old social ill and health issue. Building upon traditional models of 12 steps and harm reduction, Nada India explores other methods that have been used internationally to help individuals to overcome the dangers of substance use and abuse including peer education based models and NADA auricular acupuncture.

Nada India believes that alcohol is an obstacle to development and child right issue. Nada India is committed to raise awareness and protects the interests of children of alcoholics and addicts, women, young people, migrant population and marginalised population so they can find opportunities to thrive in safe and enabling environments free from the harms caused by alcohol and drugs.