Criteria for Acudetox Training in India  (as per Indian Association of Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist )

The NADA protocol is an adjunctive formula tool that can be incorporated into any treatment modality for substance misuse, stress reduction , wellness ,trauma and associated issues. It is designed for those who are already working in the stress reduction service, addictions treatment services, trauma center or who want to add to their knowledge and provide other treatment options for their clients. This course is a blended learning experience – theory, practical, group work, ongoing assessment, individual examinations, continuing clinical and professional development and sustained membership.

If you are a candidate working with clients who have, trauma, stress and   substance misuse issues and you work within a supervised treatment setting then you may be eligible to do the NADA India training  (IAADS approved). For example, we have trained candidates with a variety of roles within the De-addiction centers ,Prison Service, Mental Health Trusts, Probation Service, Community Drug and Alcohol Teams. These range from outreach workers, needle exchange workers, nurse specialists, doctors, prison officers, probation officers, physiotherapist etc.


Obtaining a Training Completion Certificate

Every trainee must complete the combined didactic and clinical experience provided and/or overseen by a Nada Trainer.  In addition, he or she will demonstrate to the satisfaction of that Nada Trainer a mastery of the basic competencies.

Upon successful completion of all requirements (hours and competencies) and an application process, the ADS will receive a Certificate of Training as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist/Associate/Assistant

Occasionally applicants are not able to demonstrate the required competencies even upon completion of the required hours of training.   Such applicants will not be eligible to receive a certificate until they do so.  Individuals may work with a Registered Trainer/supervisor to identify deficits and, in partnership, create a plan that will allow the individuals to achieve appropriate mastery of the materials and techniques.


PLEASE NOTE: The Training Completion Certificate indicates successful completion of NADA acudetox training and demonstration of entry-level skills.  NADA does not provide initial or ongoing certification of ADSes.  ADSes are encouraged to maintain competencies and continue to expand their knowledge by pursing continuing education, attending the NADA annual conferences and maintaining active annual membership in the organization.

ADSes each sign an Ethics Pledge verifying the understanding of and agreeing to abide by rules regarding limited scope of practice as appropriate, confidentiality, client rapport and respectful treatment, financial interest, and sharing experiences with the NADA community.

NADA asks that each trainee complete a membership application at the onset of training. This membership, good for one year, entitles trainees to all the benefits of membership including the newsletter.

Upon successfully completing training requirements and demonstrating mastery, the Registered Trainer will submit the trainee’s completed application for the Certificate of Training as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist/Associate/Assistant  to the Nada India office, signed by the Registered Trainer, along with the trainee’s signed ethics pledge.

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