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Youth 4 Well-being Training Center – Learning for well-being & action
Training : Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment
Purpose : Stress, tobacco, alcohol, HIV/AIDS, violence, unsafe and unhygienic practices all lead to health related problems for the worker and lower productivity for the enterprise. Taken together they represent a major cause of accidents, fatal injuries, diseases, absenteeism and deterioration in performance in school or work situation. These problems are different from traditional hazards and require unique strategies like behavior change communication at individual and group level.

Program Details

  • Training Programs

    • Peer education program
    • Ear acupuncture (NADA Protocol 70 hours training) for wellness and balance including trauma, addiction and HIV/AIDS interventions
    • Use of interactive media, like school media club, radio club and community radio
    • Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP)
    • Behavioral Change Communication (BCC)
    • Life-skills and soft skills training
    • Counseling skills
    • School DATE Program (Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Education)
    • Stress management & Work life balance
    • Program for uniformed personnel (Police and para-military Forces)
  • Technical Assistance Programs

    • Consultation for integrating auricular acupuncture for existing services
    • Support for the establishment of new programs both domestically and regionally
    • Supervision of nascent programs and agencies until self-sufficiency is achieved
    • Establish Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
    • School Assistance Program
    • Family Assistance Program for families affected by violence, alcohol, drug users and HIV/AIDS

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