Involving the Young for Change and Growth

Pehchaan (Identity) program is an effort to help people to build on their identity especially among the marginalized and the underprivileged like adolescents, women and senior citizens. Pehchaan aims to support adolescents, women and senior citizens in their goal to be self reliant, through several programs:

  • Radio Club

    The Radio Club is a group of adolescent young men and women who listen to, produce, anchor, and broadcast/narrow-cast a radio show to their peers throughout Delhi & neighbouring areas on the National broadcaster All India Radio (FM Rainbow channel). The radio show addresses topics ranging from identity to HIV/AIDS with an emphasis on understanding the Rights of the Child. In addition the Radio Club has co-founded Knowledge Hubs, where on demand or as per requirement, members can source help or information. The Radio Club has also fostered a street theater group that performs awareness raising productions in various communities.
  • Vocational and Self-Empowerment Groups

    Recognizing that employment is a factor of wellbeing, Pehchaan works with adolescents and young women, many of who have little formal education, to empower them with employable skills. Pehchaan also encourages these individuals to explore social and emotional issues that they encounter and provides them with the support and tools they need to effect change in these areas. Pehchaan has also initiated a Attitude Education Training And Research Initiative (PATRI) with these young people to assess the health needs of their community.
  • Outreach Among Young People

    Outreach Among young people living and working in the Nizamuddin Train Station and Interstate Bus Terminal in Sarai Kale Khan, Pehchaan provides health education and emotional support through outreach efforts, including peer support. Pehchaan staff in Sarai Kale Khan work as resource personnel for the Delhi State AIDS Control Society and Central Board of Worker’s Education Govt. of India promoting awareness on a number of health-related topics but specifically around HIV/AIDS issues and substance abuse prevention.
  • Pehchaan Helpline : 09268441080

    Pehchaan has a peer specific help-line that is staffed and provided for by young people. Pehchaan trains its youth members in counseling and referral skills in order for them to best assist peers in need.