There is often a yawning gap between the streets or ‘natural settings’ associated with stress, mental illnesses, drug, alcohol & tobacco use, testing for HIV/AIDS and cancer or the outreach worker and the threshold of the treatment program where the people are expected to arrive committed, ready or interested in seeking help.

This focus area is in essence about promoting well-being. While there are many systems of medicine and health care, at the core of each of them is a common goal to promote health. As we learn more about the connections between the systems in our bodies, health becomes not just a word that describes a physical condition but also a mental, emotional and spiritual one as well. Nada India Foundation draws on the traditions of the many forms of healing in India from allopathic medicine to acupuncture to yoga to homeopathy to assist others on their paths to well-being. Nada India Foundation does not seek out cures or treatments for ailments and disease as much as we look to promote health by helping individuals to find what works for them and where their own strengths lie.