The body of evidence on the linkages between alcohol use and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is growing.
Addressing alcohol use as a risk factor does enhance the results of both new and already existing HIV/AIDS programmes. Evidence shows close links between alcohol use and contraction of HIV/AIDS and between heavy alcohol use and detrimental effects on the immune system. The evidence supports a causal connection between alcohol use and adherence to ART treatment. (

A focus on alcohol use is warranted in efforts to prevent the further spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic .The Nada India Foundation aims to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as care for those who have been infected by literally meeting people where they are at. Through outreach work, peer education, street theatre, radio programming, and speaker’s bureaus, Nada India reaches people in their own familiar environments e.g. workplaces, homes, local hangouts. Instead of approaching people with the sole intention of promoting HIV prevention messages, Nada India engages people in everyday conversations and makes HIV/AIDS and related issues a part of the dialogue.