Good Health advocate is an initiative of Nada India. It features and promotes ordinary people with extraordinary idea and commitment to promote Good Health and Well-being among people of all ages. Saathiya is platform to share hope and voice their concerns related to Good health in a market driven society.
Hemant Kumar completed 14 years of recovery from Drugs & alcohol, he has been taking care of patients suffering from co-occurring medical disorders like – Diabetes, Cancer, Alcoholic lever disease and Hyper tension. At any given time Muskan Foundation has 10-15 diabetes, hyper tension and alcoholic lever disease indoor patients. These co-occurring medical conditions make treatment of substance use disorder difficult. Nada India trains and facilitates the team to handle these co-occurring disorders. Nada India believes that prevention of NCDs is all in our attitudes and one needs to change the attitude & belief of people towards NCDs. Experience gained during various Nada India Nada India patient engagement workshops has been utilized for the prevention of NCDs as part a of Muskan alcohol awareness programs. Muskan Foundation uses homeopathy and acudetox for the treatment of addiction as it follows bio psycho, and social rehabilitation model. Hemant as caregiver of #PLWNCDs was selected and represented Nada India NCD Network at the Our Views, Our Voices workshop between the 30th and 31st of October, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. Hemant presented a painting  by Nada India Foundation peer educators and leaders to NCD Alliance team in Geneva. Here is the link to that.