This is in essence, looking to women, adolescents & senior citizens as change agents. Organizations can be based within communities, but Nada India Foundation ensures that its programs are owned by the communities that they serve. Nada India Foundation relies on communities to set the agenda for programming. Through needs assessments that are conducted by community members and the employment of local residents as peer educators, Nada India Foundation is motivated not by what we think might be best for the community but by what community members say is best for themselves. Nada India Foundation also serves to support communities so that they can actuate their own process of change once they have identified what changes they seek. Nada India works with different people in many age ranges but focuses its work on women and adolescents. While these two groups are often ignored, they are some of the most powerful members of a community and an untapped resource as community organizers and mobilizers. Women determine the course of families. Young people determine the course of whole generations. When these groups are neglected, the future of a community is greatly impacted, but when these groups feel empowered, healthy change can happen on many levels.