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Raise Awareness
We conceptualize and run campaigns to build awareness.
Gather Support
We gather consensus in the form of partnership, agreement, volunteers, & donations.
Enhance Capability
At NIF, we empower people where people are at.
Facilitate a Change
We then become part of the change.

Call to Action: Youth,NCDs & 2018

Vindhya came to the 2nd Global NCD Alliance Forum as a youth delegate from Nada India, eager to learn how to better represent the voices of those who suffer NCDs in silence. Today she is using the knowledge and inspiration gained there to do just that. Here she shares some of her key reflections...
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Give child a second chance to live a #NCDfree healthy life.

Harmful alcohol use can directly affect physical and cognitive function, WHO reports. “Child maltreatment, and subsequent alcohol problems, can contribute to cycles of violence passing from one generation to another”. A child’s education can also be affected, with maltreated children having poorer school attendance and progression, often resulting in lower than average income levels as an adult. Furthermore, some studies have found that men and women exposed to maltreatment as children are at increased risk of marrying a partner with alcohol problems or of having marital and family problems.
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Training & Tech Assistance

Nada India Foundation contributes through information sharing & skill building to the work of government initiatives, NGOs, corporate agencies, students, and the general public.


NIF offers articles, audio-visual material on topics including addiction, adolescent issues, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, auricular acupuncture, peer counselling, trauma counselling, treatment, and rehabilitation.


Nada India researches many areas including the efficacy of auricular acupuncture in diverse treatment settings. Further NIF conducts research in areas such as child rights, NCDs,substance abuse, adolescent health etc.

Nada India NCD Prevention Network

Nada India NCD Prevention Network

Naresh (Name changed)  completed 14 years of recovery from Drugs & alcohol, he  has been taking care of patients suffering from co-occurring medical disorders like – Diabetes, Cancer, Alcoholic lever disease and Hyper tension.  At any given time Muskan Foundation has 10-15 diabetes, hyper tension and alcoholic lever disease indoor patients. These co-occurring medical conditions make treatment of substance use disorder difficult. Nada India trains and facilities the team to handle these co-occurring disorders. Nada India believes that prevention of NCDs is all in our attitudes and one needs to change the attitude & belief of people towards NCDs. Experience gained during various Nada India patient engagement workshops has been utilized for the prevention of NCDs as part a of Muskan alcohol awareness programs. Muskan Foundation uses homeopathy and acudetox for the treatment of addiction as it follows bio psycho, and social rehabilitation model.

Nai Kiran Society

Nai Kiran has been facilitated an effective referral system with government and other non governmental bodies so as to form a continuum of care and support to substance users and persons affected or afflicted by substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Nai Kiran networked with other partner NGOs in order to strengthen treatment and rehabilitation responses and ensure sustainability and impact. Explore more about Nai Kiran Society here.

Barsana Life Skill & Education Center

Barsana Life Skill & Education Center is an initiative of a Chhailbihari Thakur, a 25 year old social entrepreneur who studied in Mathura. He has a unique mission of empowering youth from Barsana by teaching English as a foreign language for better job prospects . Nada India adds a value to his mission by preparing these young people socially and emotionally skilled to lead a healthy and productive life. He is running Washington English speaking center in Fauzi market in Barsana UP. Recent research commissioned by the British Council and conducted by The Open University demonstrated that English can play a significant role in improving young people’s employment prospects in India.

Nai Disha: A member of Nada India NCD network

Satymohan, a NCD survivor & good health advocate is leading Nai Disha for more than a decade. He has been recovering from addiction for the last 20 years. He participated in UNODC funded Navjyoti Rehabilitation training program for peer educators in 1995. He has been running two peer led drug rehabilitation centers along with Mr. Joginder another peer educator from same course in West Delhi and Rajasthan. He has been an active member of ARPAN, an initiative of Nada India amplifying patient centered alcohol rehabilitation services. Nai Disha also lead the Our Views, Our Voices, community conversation for setting advocacy agenda of People Living with NCDs.

Mukti De-addiction Center

Mukti De-addiction Center is an another initiative of recovering addict who set up a de-addiction cum rehabilitation center on therapeutic community based model initially at Mundaka village and presently operating from Samya Pur Badali village in north Delhi. Mukti, has been providing services to over forty five residential clients, belonging to diverse socio-economic backgrounds, for problems like drug abuse and alcoholism. The strong role model, fellowship and simplicity of the program have paved way for other recovering addicts and alcoholics to follow the path. Nada India and Mukti has also initiated a family assistance program for families of addicts.


The Association of Recovering People Action Network (ARPAN) is an action network of peer based voluntary initiatives of initially 10 recovering people from addiction, trauma etc. It is a project initiated and supported by Nada India. The seeds of ARPAN started as early as year 2000 when some of the recovering addicts peer counselors/educators as part of Guru Shishya Parmpara (Indian system of teacher student tradition) became part of Drug treatment and Rehabilitation process and many of them established rehabilitation centers for their fellow members. It was triggered by the ambient state of society towards people with drug & alcohol addiction and related issues like HIV/AIDS and crime prevention. For details, read http://peer-ledcorrectionrehabilitation.blogspot.in/2014/05/peer-led-drug-de-addiction-initiatives.html

The Beginning of a New Life (TBNL)

The Beginning of a New Life, a peer led drug rehabilitation center is located in South Delhi at Jaunapura Delhi. This de-addiction center was formed in year 2009 when like minded people with the aim of giving better life to addicts came together. TBNL joined Nada India NCD network .Nada has been providing training inputs to staff and volunteers on issues related to prevention of NCDs , and acudetox services for better retention and relapse prevention. The sensitization sessions by peer educators & volunteers brought in the role of NCDs and its risk factors among drug and alcohol users attending rehabilitation center.

TBNL leadership was also a part of and participated in the workshop on need assessment: capacities of patients to manage chronic diseases (NCD) engaged & empowered groups affected by NCDs, high risk populations, patients with NCDs and their care givers to lead advocacy campaigns – at community and college level by Nada India & Dakshayani.

Senior Citizen Forum
The number of old people in India has increased manifold. In the 1950/90s, the number of people above 60 was a mere 5.6 percent of the total population, and it is going to be around 14.4 in 2025. Pehchaan computer training program has been organized by Nada India for people above sixty of Chattarpur, Mendawali, Mundka village Delhi Ramprastha Ghaziabad and Gurgaon with the support of National Institute of Social Defense, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt. India. During the training program, all the senior citizens realized a need to form a Senior Citizen Forum with a slogan of “Value yourself” for the welfare of senior citizens and their involvement in the community development process.
Tek Chand Sidana Memorial

Tek Chand Sidana Memorial Drug de-addiction cum Rehabilitation center Ganga Nagar Rajasthan has been using ear acupuncture for wellbeing and detoxification purpose. The center has also been recognized by Nada India as one of the training centers for ADS training as per NADA protocol.

Deep Group

Deep group is a registered group of young displaced people from Punjab and strive to work creating awareness on issues like HIV/AIDS, Drug addiction, Dowry, health & hygiene, water, livelihood, family welfare etc. The group uses street as well as stage theatrical presentation/performances.

Support Nada India Foundation in multiple ways

Nada India always welcomes both national and international volunteers and offers a placement program in which to best suit the needs of its volunteers and its programming. NIF also welcomes donations - in cash or kind. Nada India Foundation is a registered NGO. All donations to Nada India are exempted from tax under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.
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About Us

Nada India Foundation is a pool of community initiatives (registered as well as informal initiatives). This network strives to develop an empowered leadership and healthy choices amongst marginalized and vulnerable populations especially adolescents, women & senior citizens.
  • Our Values

    • Environmental concerns
    • Simplicity
    • Empowerment
    • Innovation
  • Our Approach

    • Peer-based
    • People-centred
    • Self-help based
    • Participatory
  • Our Advocacy

    • Barrier free services
    • Child rights & responsibilities
    • Use of interactive media
    • Gender sensitivity

Peer education & NCDs

Nada Peer educators are supposed to help people prevent and cope with a number of NCDs & risk factors such as alcohol abuse, tobacco use, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The peer counselors are also taught to place ear pressure beads on community members and younger students. Nada India has been engageing more grassroots CSOs working in the field of child & youth welfare ,patient & care giver groups ,homeless and peer led alcohol rehabilitation groups to build joint advocacy campaigns...
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